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Rotulus – a manuscript scroll; predecessor of the codex Codex – separate pages of parchment or vellum bound together at one side; predecessor of the book replaces the rotulus Vellum – calf skin that’s prepared as a surface for writing or painting Parchment – lamb skin ‘’ Folio – page from a manuscript Diptych – a hinged writing tablet that’s usually made of ivory and carved on the exterior Ch 9 Pandentos – concaved triangular section of a hemisphere; 4 of these elements create the transition from a square area to the circular base of the dome; allow for the windows to be places Piers – free standing vertical masonry supports Conchs – half circles (domes) Exedra - recessed space that's usually semi circular Choir – space in a church that's reserved for the clergy or the singers Nimbus – halo seen behind the heads of sacred figures Paten – a bowl that's used to hold the bread in celebration of the ukaris
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  • Spring '08
  • AndreaTaylor
  • Codex, sacred figures, sacred figures Paten, hybearno saxon Scriptorium, Greek Cross Templon, byzantine church Parekklesion

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