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test4-3 - c reference to the pagan sky god is used to...

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Ch 8 Pagans(non Christian/Jew), Christians, and Jews (The Art of Late Antiquity) I. Jewish Art b Synagogue at Dura-Europos; Syria c Images characterized by being inspired by Roman art c photograph of interior of a synagogue c Located in the assembly hall c Features 1. A bench around the room used for kneeling 2. Recessed space is a place reserved for the torah 3. murals on the wall; scenes from history of the people 1. most important figure is Moses; led Hebrews out of slavery c Contraposto pose II. Early Christian Art b Cubiculum, Catacomb of Saints Peter and Marcellinus; Rome, Italy c One of the earliest instances of biblical things painted c refused to worship Roman deity c Christians had to be buried on private property in this structure c cross shaped image on ceiling c narrative c Prefiguration c story prophecy to future events b Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus c No imagery depicting the deceased
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Unformatted text preview: c reference to the pagan sky god; is used to symbolize idea of heaven's b Santa Costanza; Italy c centrally planned structure c served 3 different functions 1. mausoleum 2. baptistery 3. private chapels c Is a mausoleum c barrel vaults have mosaic b Vault Mosaic, Santa Costanza; Italy c on barrel vaults c drawing from pagan influences c cherub figures making wine c suggesting Christianity b The Parting of Lot and Abraham c mosaic c narrative from old testament c found in Church for educational purposes c Lot goes to Sodom c look and understand what's happening c background elements, focus is on natural world b Mausoleum of Galla Placidia; Italy c located next to a Church c cruciform plan c interior very decorative; plain exterior b Christ as the Good Shepherd, from Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Italy...
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