test4-4 - centrally planned church test ?********narthex is...

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c above main entrance c balloon aft c glorified representation of Christ c halo on head c martyr staff b Rebeccas and Eliezer at the well, Vienna Genesis c Contains the book of Genesis c is a folio c story c use of pagan imagery; the figure nude in the left c represents the spring that’s feeding the well c illuminated manuscripts b Woman Sacrificing at an Alter c Made of ivory c Once part of a diptych c Small c Owned by a powerful family in Rome to symbolize a marriage or death Ch. 9 – made Christianity the only lawful religion of the empire I. Early Byzantine Art Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of miletus(arch) ; Hagai Sophia; Turkey Church of Holy wisdom Domed Rests on a square base Nave is where clergy could go San Vitale; Italy
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Unformatted text preview: centrally planned church test ?********narthex is angled, why? Lined up with the road that led to the Church very decorative carvings in capitals outside is plain Justinaian and Attendants; San Vitale; Italy Justinian is the guy in the blue represents his role as emperor members of clergy on right; chruch on far left is his emperial guard; state kairo ioda references Christ on the shield holding a paten Theodora and Attendants; San Vitale; Italy Wife of Justin royal figure wine cup Ascension of Christ, Rabbula Gospels single page is called gospel manuscript whole page illumination not an illustration to a text...
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