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not present at the event Mary's hands are out Christ is in a mandoral facial features similar Virgin and Child Between Saints Theodore and George hand of God coming down in the center icon used in an improper way II. Middle Byzantine Art Crucifixion seen as intermediaries Saint Mark’s; Italy Vladimir Virgin Worshiping object Placed in a church Different images on each side Destroyed due to smoke damage Instruments of Christ’s passion III. Late Byzantine Art Anastasis Comes from a funerary chapel Related to natural church structure Theme: (fresco’s) deal with human mortality and Christ’s redemption Apse of chapel Object was to free souls of ritouse
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Unformatted text preview: • Image of hell Ch. 11 Europe after the fall of Rome – cultural revival I. Anglosaxon b Purse Cover from Suton 1. used to hold things 2. very expensive 3. utilitarian object 4. abstracted II. Hybearno Saxon b Man, Book of Duro 1. monestaries, found room devoted to creation of this called scriptorium 2. symbolic representation 3. man is seen as symbol for Mathew associated b Kairo ayota Page from book of Kels 1. Kels – name of palce where monestarie was housed 2. gospel text 3. full page illumination 4. associated with the book of Mathew 5. initial page 6. kairo ayota is intials of Christ 7. heavy influence on abstract pattering 8. luxiruous manuscript...
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