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test4-6 - chapel and participate in the mass 6 address...

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III. Karolinging Art – karolinging renaisance meant to enhance his imperial image b Saint Mathew (Guy with orange ring around head), Coronation Gospels 1. folio 2. gospel text 3. Mathew writing down his text 4. desk is roman in design 5. acanthus leaves b Saint Mathew, Ebo Gospels 1. curiously writing 2. heavy emphasis on lines 3. man in right top is symbol for Mathew b Crucifixion, Lindow Gospels 1. Cover on illuminated manuscript 2. pure gold, with precious stones 3. Roman like 4. angels and mourning figures in 4 corners b Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne; Germany 1. official church 2. housed relics 3. ambulatory 4. similar to san vitale 5. second level – area is the thrown room for charlomain allowed to sit and face interior of
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Unformatted text preview: chapel and participate in the mass 6. address people from the location 7. true arch 8. columns made of purple marble imported IV. Otonian Art b Bronze Doors; Saint Michaels; Germany 1. life oc Christ on right side 2. used for educational purposes 3. For big church - Diagram – St. Peter was founder of Rome thing, buried at this site 1. Nave 2. Aisles 3. Apes 4. Transept 5. Narthex 6. Atrium 4 F's of Bizantine Style 1. Formal – emphasis on style 2. Flat – figure is flat 3. Frontal – frontal view 4. Floating – no shadows being casted on ground; looks like they are floating 5. the color gold http://fixunix.com/ubuntu/126661-newbie-installing-mysql-gui-tools.html...
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