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Unformatted text preview: Excel 2007 137 Formulas and Functions Math Basics for Spreadsheet Use bjectives After you read this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Create and copy formulas (page 139) . 2. Use relative and absolute cell addresses (page 140) . 3. Use AutoSum (page 147) . 4. Insert basic statistical functions (page 148) . 5. Use date functions (page 150) . 6. Use the IF function (page 157) . 7. Use the VLOOKUP function (page 158) . 8. Use the PMT function (page 166) . 9. Use the FV function (page 167) . Hands-On Exercises 1. SMITHTOWN HOSPITAL RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT PAYROLL (PAGE 142) Open : chap2_ho1_payroll.xlsx Save as : chap2_ho1_payroll_solution.xlsx 2. COMPLETING THE SMITHTOWN HOSPITAL RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT PAYROLL (PAGE 152) Open : chap2_ho1_payroll_solution.xlsx (from Exercise 1) Save as : chap2_ho2_payroll_solution.xlsx (additional modifications) 3. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT ELIGIBILITY GRADEBOOK (PAGE 161) Open : chap2_ho3_gradebook.xlsx Save as : chap2_ho3_gradebook_solution.xlsx 4. PURCHASING A VAN FOR THE SCHOOL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN (PAGE 168) Open : New workbook Save as: chap2_ho4_van_solution.xlsx Exercises Skills Covered Compute the Gross Pay Complete the Calculations Copy the Formulas with the Fill Handle Compute the Totals Using Other General Functions Apply Number Formatting Apply Font and Alignment Formatting Insert a Comment to Complete the Worksheet Use the IF Function Use the VLOOKUP Function Copy the IF and VLOOKUP Functions Apply Page Setup Options and Print the Worksheet Create the Worksheet Insert the PMT Function Format the Worksheet Complete the Worksheet ExploringMicrosoftOfficeExcel2007,ComprehensiveSecondEdition, by Robert T. Grauer, Keith Mulbery and Judy Scheeren. Published by Prentice Hall. Copyright © 2009 by Pearson Education, Inc. Specially prepared for d03356707 on 8 Sep, 2009 CASE STUDY West Transylvania College Athletic Department The athletic department of West Transylvania College has reached a fork in the road. A significant alumni contingent insists that the college upgrade its athletic program from NCAA Division II to Division I. This process will involve adding sports, funding athletic scholarships, expanding staff, and coordinat-ing a variety of fundraising activities. Tom Hunt, the athletic director, wants to determine if the funding support is available both inside and outside the college to accomplish this goal. You are helping Tom prepare the five-year projected budget based on current bud-get figures. The plan is to increase revenues at a rate of 10% per year for five years while handling an estimated 8% increase in expenses over the same five-year period. Tom feels that a 10% increase in revenue versus an 8% increase in expenses should make the upgrade viable. Tom wants to examine how increased alumni giving, increases in college fees, and grant monies will increase the revenue flow. The Transylvania ...
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