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Chemistry 1 12A, Final (Practice) Saturday, December 09,2006 Student name: Student signature: Write TA's full name (section number) or Lecture Only: 1. Please make sure that the exam has 14 pages including this one. 2. Please write your answers in the spaces provided. 3. Write clearly; illegible or ambiguous answers will be considered incorrect. 4. Only writing implements are allowed (No Calculators). GOOD LUCK! 1. 70 points 2. 60 points 3. 80 points 4. 10 points 5. 35 points 6. 16 points 7. 20 poii~ts 8. 25 points 9. 20 points 10. 14 points Total 350 points MINI-PERIODIC TABLE I 11 I11 1v v VI VII VIII H He Li Be B C N 0 F Ne Na Mg A1 Si P S C1 Ar K Ca Ga Ge As Se Br Kr
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1. Answer the following questions. Every wrong answer cancels a correct answer (70 points). (a). Circle the compounds below for which deprotonation with NaNH2 would occur, i.e., compounds that are more acidic C H4 (d). Circle the alkyl halides below that upon treating with NaOH would give more elimination than a7n PBr pCl @ @ (e).
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