11Nutrients & Bone Health

11Nutrients & Bone Health - Final Exam 1PM Thursday...

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Final Exam 1PM Thursday the 13 th of December 11/28/07 Antioxidants (cont’d) Cardiovascular Disease: Hypertension, atherosclerosis, Heart attack, and Stroke Antioxidants may help to prevent by: 1) Scavenging free radicals (LDL) 2) Reducing inflammation 3) Reducing blood coagulation and clot formation (Vitamin E) Vision Impairment/Aging Process of aging-association with increased oxidative damage Decreased activity of our antioxidant enzyme systems Aging – decreased ability to digest, absorb and metabolize many nutrient Increase RDAs for elderly? Macular degeneration – central part of retina – inability to see details Cataracts – damaged part of eye lens – cloudiness Can antioxidants reduce these age related diseases? Slow down aging process? Nutrients involved in Bone Health – Chapter 9 I. Bone Health A. Bone Composition i. Collagen – long fibrous protein: bound together by vitamin C ii. Hydroxyapatite – crystals of Calcium and Phosphorous: embedded in the collagen iii. Cortical Bone – 80% iv. Spongy Bone (trabecular) – 20% (turns over faster) v. Marrow B. Bone Function i. Support ii. Protection iii. Muscles iv. Storage of minerals (Ca, Phosphorous, Flouride) v. Production of blood cells in bone marrow C. Bone Development i. Bone Growth – 17 to 20 ii. Bone Modeling – beyond 18 – 20 years of age: shaping bones as needed iii. Bone remodeling 1. Resorption (osteoclasts) – degrade the bone, breaking down of the bones (taking some of the calcium and phosphorous out of the bones. 2.
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11Nutrients & Bone Health - Final Exam 1PM Thursday...

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