7&8Amino Acids

7&8Amino Acids - I. Protein Digestion and...

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I. Protein Digestion and Absorption A. Digestion 1.Proteases – enzymes that digest proteins in the small intestine 2.Stomach a. Pepsinogin Pepsin (denatured by HCL but it is not denatured…) b. Begins to break proteins into single amino acids and smaller polypeptides 3.Small intestine a. Enzymes on surface cells on the small intestine b. Dipeptides and tripeptides result B. Absorption 1.Single amino acids are absorbed into the blood stream 2. Travel to the liver, then sent to the cells as needed 3.Undigested proteins (protein bounded in fiber) – eliminated 4.Celiac Disease – body unable to digest gluten a. Gluten – a major protein in grains II. Protein Synthesis – occurs in every cell A. Interrupted if you don’t have all the amino acids B. Protein synthesis can be limited by missing amino acids. If an essential amino acid or in the smallest supply it is called the limiting amino acid. Without the proper combination and quantity of essential amino acids, protein synthesis slows to the point at which proteins cannot be generated. C. For instance the protein hemoglobin contains the essential amino acid histadine. If histadine is a limiting amino acid, since no other proteins can be substituted, our body becomes unable to make adequate hemoglobin, and we lose the ability to transport oxygen to our cells. D.
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7&8Amino Acids - I. Protein Digestion and...

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