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10/29/07 I. Nutrition – the science of food and food components and how they relate to health and disease a. Why do we eat at all? i. To obtain Nutrients 1. *Carbohydrates 2. *Lipids 3. *Proteins 4. Vitamins 5. Minerals 6. Water [NOTE *Provide energy.] ii. Macronutrients 1. Water – 60% water 2. Temperature control 3. Transport iii. Micronutrients 1. Minerals – inorganic 2. Vitamins – organic a. Require milligram/microgram quantities iv. Phytochemicals 1. Found in plant cells – not nutrients by traditional definition 2. promote long term health b. Energy from Food i. kcal = Calorie
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1. the energy it takes to raise 1 gram of water 1oC a. Lipids/Fats – 9 kcal/grm b. Carbohydrates – 4 kcal/grm c. Proteins – 4 kcal/grm d. Alcohol – 7 kcal/grm 2. We require: 1500-2800kcal/day What should we eat to get all the energy and other nutrients we require? Help from the Government! to avoid inadequate nutrition to avoid over nutrition
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Unformatted text preview: The American Diet Heavy on meat and Potatoes Light on fruits and vegetables Guidelines 4 food groups Food Guide Pyramid Recommended Daily Allowances/DRIs, Daily Values 5 a - day NLEA National Labeling and Education Act Food Guide Pyramid/MyPyramid How many servings? Add Variety Include Activity Dont forget water! Whats a serving? Bread 1 slice Milk 1 cup Cereal 1 cup Yogurt 8 oz Bagel/bun Meat/Fish 4 oz Pasta cup Soft pretzel? Fruits & Vegetables 1pc or to 1 cup ** 5 a day** Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) EARs Estimated Average Requirement RDAs - Recommended Dietary Allowances AI Adequate Intake UL Tolerable Upper Intake Level Daily Values- standards developed by FDA to represent needs of a typical consumer...
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1NutritionRDAs - The American Diet Heavy on meat and...

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