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Andri Tribowo Fred Maiorino Case September 24, 2007 Dr. J. Humphreys In this set of case, Fred Maiorino, a top salesman of Schering-Plough Company had faced several considerable problems during his career regarding diminished job performance. Generally, not succeeding to attain company sales goals, excessive tardiness, failing to call on key physicians, and ignoring suggestions for improving his performance are the four major problems which lead Fred to termination as a salesman. Discussion Fred had been working for Schering-Plough for 35 years; therefore, to deal with his problems I believe that it has something to do with Job Burnout. Feeling exhausted, bored, and unmotivated might be the key attribute to his failure. According to Smith, anyone whose whole life spent in performing the same operations, of which the effects always the same, has no capability in finding out expedients for removing difficulties which never occur. (as cited in John M. Angerer, 2003, p.98). It indicates that people who have been working for a long period of time tend to feel uninterested eventually; and therefore they find it difficult to overcome their problems which never happen before. Job Burnout is an aspect that not only affects individual employees, but the entire organization as a whole. Because of this, there is a crucial need to develop intervention methods for addressing concerns in this area, as well as prevention methods. Moreover, preventing Job Burnout can absolutely alleviate enormous economic and psychological costs for the company, as Chiu and Tsau (2006) point out that the negative impact of burnout has leads to undesirable employee behavior resulting in lower job involvement, reduced task performance and increased turnover intentions (Chiu & Tsau, 2006). 1
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Reed also implemented a new system for measuring sales representative performance at Schering-Plough using two basically different measures that directly increased Fred’s anxiety. In this situation, Fred was concerned about whether or not he would contribute his best sales to meet company’s interest. Job Burnout has been defined as a severe psychological and physical syndrome that occurs in response to prolonged stress at work. It commonly occurs among employees who are unable to cope with extensive demands on their energy, time and resources and among employees whose work requires contact with people (Chiu & Tsau, 2006). Along with the clinical definition of Job Burnout, one must include the dimensions that are associated with it. Without regard to these, there is no solid method of addressing this problem. Once Schering-Plough can acknowledge the dimensions which include work overload, lack of control, insufficient reward, breakdown of community, absence of fairness and conflicting values , it is well on its way to acknowledging what it can do to prevent Job Burnout (J. Angerer, 2003). The risks here are that Fred becomes exhausted due to the fact that he has so much to do; therefore his performance levels are poor in quality. In turn, other areas of his jobs such as calling on the
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Fred Maiorino - 1 Andri Tribowo Fred Maiorino Case...

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