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Fall 2008 BISC 320 Laboratory Final Exam Sample questions Question 1 : You were given 60 μ l of 800 base pair of PCR products. In order to quantify the concentration, you diluted 4 μ 1of PCR products with 198 μ 1of H 2 O. Then you took spectrophotometric measurements using the diluted sample and obtained the results below: Abs @ 260 nm: 0.66 Abs @ 280 nm: 0.10 a) What is the final concentration of your PCR products? Show your calculation and include unit (s). b) Assess the purity of your PCR product. c) If you were to first heat the PCR product at 95°C for 5 minutes and then take the spectrophotometric measurements, would the 260 nm absorbance be lower or higher than the one stated in the question? Briefly explain your answer. Question 2 a) Briefly state 2 main characteristics of Alu elements. One of them should be related to the propagation of Alu elements. b) You want to use PCR to amplify a partial region of a double-stranded DNA template. If you
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