2003 MT1

2003 MT1 - BISC320-Fall 2003-Midterm'r Multiple Choice(4...

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Unformatted text preview: , , . BISC320-Fall 2003-Midterm'r' Multiple Choice (4 pts. each) 1) Examples of non-covalent bonds a) hydrogen bond . b) iorucbond c) hydrophobic bond @) disulfide bond 2) Restriction endonucleases: can be inhibited by DNA methylation cleave DNA at specific sequences all of the above 3) Denaturation of a protein typically results in a change in its: a) primary structure b) phosphorylation state @tertiary structure . d) mass a) bind DNA b) ~ 4) Ribonuclease is: a) a specific inhibitor of ribose b) a nuclease that cleaves DNA c) the genetic material of some viruses @ none of the above .1. 5 . W . . hl . "Ch Of . the fOllOWing . . RNA sequences can form a . . second . ary CUCCUCCUCCUCCUC '- -[:..L ,..t.. . .CACGAGCUACUCGUG ~ c) AUUGAUCGAUUCUGA )e - L ~. ~ GAGAGAGAGAGAGAG 6) The nucleic acid from a virus is isolated and treated with base (alkali), which hydrolyzes the nucleic acid intomononucleotides. The genome of this virus is: ~ DNA ~ d) RNA Methylated DNA Protein 7) T opoisomerases: a) help fold proteins into their three-dimensional struetmes b) remove proteins bound to DNA change the degree of supercoiting in DNA none of the above ~ 't)~.b 11 1/4, gits). 13()~ N \".i/ S ilhlO arne. '" If"" SSN (last 5 di: at----- \ include all of the following except: ~8M structure? BISC320-FaU 2003-Midterm \t 8) Wh' of the following dsDNA sequences (only one strand shown) appears to contain a consensus- nce fo . r ad . ime . ric; sequ . ence-specific DNA binding protein? .( ACTGAATTCCGATT . AIft'1J- t GACTAAGCTTGCTGTA ~ ~ TAACACCGTGCGTGITG II ?, '2; e; All ofthese ./ '\ Y / 9) wqjch.., qf thS followi~ re&ions.,of ~ ro~in is most likely to be buried in its interior?...
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2003 MT1 - BISC320-Fall 2003-Midterm'r Multiple Choice(4...

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