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2007 How to study for your lab exam

2007 How to study for your lab exam - How to Prepare for...

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How to Prepare for BISC 320 Lab Exam You will take a 60-minunte comprehensive written lab exam in your regular lab session during the week of Dec 3, 2007 . BISC 320 lab exam will be based on experiments and topics covered in the laboratory sessions throughout the semester. The exam will consist of questions of short answers, data interpretations, and calculations. To prepare for the exam, you should carefully review each lab exercise by doing the following: 1) re-examine the principles and theories of each exercise, 2) have a general idea of the relevant procedure, 3) review all required calculations, 4) have a solid understanding of your experimental results, 5) know how to answer all the assigned questions in the lab manual. Your greatest resources are your lab manual, lab notebook and TAs. Below is a list of questions/topics you should keep in mind when reviewing the corresponding exercises (it is by no means a complete list). During the week of Nov 26, your TAs will conduct a review session in lab.
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