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women and their combat roles

women and their combat roles - 57,000 women are currently...

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Antonio Luo 3/16/07 Women and their Combat Roles Today, over 229,000 women serve on active duty in the military services of the Department of Defense. About 15 percent of these women are officers which is also about the same percentage as that of military men overall. Women have made important breakthroughs in most of the services and in all of the service academies. All women should be allowed to serve in combat roles in the military. No law explicitly restricts the roles of women in the Army, but it is Army policy to exclude women from positions that would have routine engagement in direct combat. There are 86,000 active duty women in the Army. Women can be assigned to Navy auxiliary ships, such as repair, research, and training ships, and civilian contract ships.
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Unformatted text preview: 57,000 women are currently active in duty in the Navy. There are 77,000 women active in duty in the Air Force. Women are prohibited by law from serving in aircraft engaged in a combat mission, although, female medical, dental, chaplains, and other such professionals are exempted from this prohibition. As a result of the women that served in military combat, many injured soldiers and civilians from war are saved and recovered. Without women and their roles, much more injuries and deaths would occur in wars. All or any women who would like to serve in combat roles in the military should always be permitted and allowed....
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