war - remaining Bad Guy's death will cost us $8.75 million,...

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Antonio Luo APAH 12/11/06 What is war worth? War depends on how we do the math for it to be worth anything.  During the Iraqi War, 10,000 Iraqi civilians died. There are 5,000 terrorists  still alive. This made more Iranians more vengeful. War is never worth  anything, it only drains all the money out of each opposing side’s economy. The cost of the Iraqi War figured at $40 billion (for 10 months so far).  There are still $87.5 billion more scheduled for delivery soon. If we use only  half the $87.5 billion to kill the remaining 5,000 terrorists, then each 
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Unformatted text preview: remaining Bad Guy's death will cost us $8.75 million, with the other half left over to clean up the messes. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recently complained about the "cost-efficiency ratio" of the war. Adversaries of the United States, he said, spend a mere million for every billion we put out. The extremists grow as we kill more people. They are determined to push back and avenge the victims death. War only worsens everything for everyone....
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