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Antonio Luo 3/2/07 Solutions to the Great Depression The advent of the Great Depression of 1929-1939 magnified the difficulties of the financial arrangements of Confederation which had been based on the idea that the heavy burdens would fall on the shoulders of the federal government. The heavy burden envisioned for the federal government had been mainly the creation of a national economy through subsidized immigration. There are many ways to both solve and prevent the Great Depression from happening again. A reallocation of powers between the two levels of government could be made so that responsibilities would match economic capacity. This would include massive
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Unformatted text preview: centralization and probably could not be achieved given the self-governing stand of many of the provinces. A reallocation of economic powers in favor of provincial governments could be made. Another solution would be to centralize taxes and to establish a guaranteed income for the provinces. As a result of the Great Depression, the economical system dropped dramatically. In the United States, as elsewhere around the world, the economic bounce off the Great Depression bottom would be severely limited and widely disappointed. Even so, there are still many other different types of solutions to help prevent the Great Depression from happening again....
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