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The unique prop. of h2o make life possible on Earth. H2o is so common that it’s easy to overlook its extraordinary qualities. Almost all organism r made mostly of h2o and live in an environment dominated by h2o. Some of the unique prop. are that they’re polar, cohesive, and it’s the universal solvent. $ A h2o molecule is shaped like a wide V which is a polar molecule. It means that the opposite ends of the molecule have opposite charges. The unique prop. of h2o arise from attraction between these polar molecules. The + hydrogen of 1 molecule is attracted to the – Oxygen of a nearby molecule creating a hydrogen bond. The special quality of h2o comes from the hydrogen bonding that orders molecules into higher level of
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Unformatted text preview: structural organization. $ H2o molecules stick to each other due to hydrogen bonding. The h2o molecules r bonded to their neighbors, making h2o more structured than most other liquids. This phenomenon is called cohesion. Cohesion contributed to the transport of h2o against gravity in plants.$ H2o is the universal solvent of life. It’s the best substance to dissolve any solute. Even molecules as large as protein can dissolve h2o if they have ionic & polar regions on their surface. Many differ. kinds of polar compounds r dissolved in the h2o of such biological fluids as blood, the sap of plants & the liquid within all cells....
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