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ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY ON-LINE COURSE Dear On-Line Abnormal Psychology Student: It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Luzerne County Community College’s on- line course PSY 213 - Abnormal Psychology. My name is Sam Joseph and I will be your instructor for this course. I am very excited about guiding this course. The use of WebCT will allow us to present material, do testing on line and view video materials. The first task is to review the Getting Started material including the syllabus for course assignments, grading and WebCT directions. Please read the Chapter before doing the assignment. If you lose this syllabus another can be obtained from the WebCT site by clicking Getting Started under WebCT directions. You can call me at 570-740-0519 or 1-800-577-5222 – Extension 519 if you need an explanation of the any assignments for the course. Please us the college e-mail for correspondence in this course. I will send information using your colleges e-mail address, so check it on a regular basis. Please purchase all materials at the college bookstore to ensure you get the correct material including CD-ROM videos. Sincerely, Sam Joseph Associate Professor SJ: cd
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Prepared by: Samuel Joseph, Associate Professor Social Science Department Date: Fall Semester 2009 Office: Building 11, Room 8 Phone: (570)740-0519 or 1-800-377-5222 Ext. 519 (570)740-0501 Secretary, Cindy Dorris e-mail: sjoseph[email protected] I. COURSE: PSY 213-701 – On-Line Abnormal Psychology course 3 Credits - 3 Semester Hours COURSE URL : II. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The on line Abnormal Psychology is a one semester undergraduate course that explores abnormal behavior. The web site provides the students with both a general overview and a unique opportunity to interact with the material and learn about psychological disorders. You will learn how researchers are working to penetrate the biological, psychological and environmental myths and mysteries of abnormal behavior as well as accurate descriptions of the disorders. Also you will be exposed to various treatments that help individuals return to more functional lives. III. COURSE GOALS: This course provides students the opportunity to: 1. obtain a basic overview of the field of maladaptive behavior. 2. place this overview in its historical and social context for a more accurate understanding of abnormal behavior. 3.
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