Exp3-molar_mass - Calculate the 95% confidence limit of...

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57 Experiment 3- Molar Mass of an Unknown Vapor Name___________________________ Report Sheet Partners________________________ ________________________________ Unknown #________ Table 1. Molar mass data Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 volume of Dumas bulb (mL) mass of bulb (grams) mass of bulb with unknown (grams) after recondensation mass of unknown (grams) average mass of unknown (grams) atmospheric pressure (mm Hg) molar mass of unknown (grams) Average molar mass of unknown Sample Calculations: 1. Show one example of how to calculate the molar mass of your unknown. 2. What is the standard deviation of your trials? 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the 95% confidence limit of your result (see the Appendix in the lab manual). 58 Results and Discussion: Discuss the sources of error below by explaining how each would affect the molar mass calculation. 1. The volume of your flask was determined at room temperature. Because of expansion of the glass, its volume at 100C is slightly greater. The thermal volume expansion of the bulb is 9.66 10-6 Liters per degree. 2. 5% of the bulb volume was air when you finished your evaporation step. 3. Discuss at least two other possible sources of error and predict their effect on the molar mass calculation....
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Exp3-molar_mass - Calculate the 95% confidence limit of...

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