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MCB3209Ch1%20Study%20Guide - Is skin a tissue or an organ 2...

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1 MCB 3209 Chapter #1: Tissues, organs and systems; negative feedback and homeostasis Study Guide Define : negative feedback, homeostasis, positive feedback, tissue, organ, organ system; intracellular and extracellular; interstitial fluid and plasma; insulin, glucagon, alpha and beta cells Know roles of pancreatic alpha cell and beta cell, liver, muscle and fat in controlling blood glucose concentrations. 1. Skin contains epithelium, muscle, nerve and connective tissue.
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Unformatted text preview: Is skin a tissue or an organ? 2. Describe homeostasis of blood [glucose] following a meal and following fasting. 3. T-F? Negative feedback response is one in which blood pressure rises in response to hypotensive episode. 4. T-F? Positive feedback response is one in which increase in sweating (loss of body water) leads to increased water retention by the kidneys....
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