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How To Succeed in This Course 1. In comparison with other Economics courses, this course is reading-intensive. Some of the readings are difficult and dense. Strategies for learning from the reading include: a. Read slowly, and remind yourself as you go along what each paragraph meant. b. Read each reading at least twice, and not twice in a row. Read it, get used to it for a day or two, and then read it again. c. For each long reading, make one page of notes that pick out the most important points that the author makes. d. For each reading, write down a few questions that puzzle you: i. Things that seem wrong; ii. Things that don’t make sense; iii. Things that conflict with ideas in the readings or other materials. . 2. During lectures, listen to the lecture rather than transcribing them. Try to figure out what I am trying to communicate to you. a. Often you can summarise what I say in a lecture in a page or less.
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