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EIGRP Concepts in a Nutshell EIGRP is an advanced distance-vector routing protocol that relies on features commonly associated with link-state protocols. Administrative Distance Internal 90; Summary 5; External 170 Metrics : Bandwidth, Delay, Reliability, Load Default Metric bandwidth = (10,000,000/ bandwidth kbps ) * 256 delay = ( delay /10) * 256 32 bit metric for bandwidth and delay Routing Table Metric: Slowest of bandwidth plus the sum of the delays of all outgoing interfaces from “this router” to the destination network. Features of EIGRP Classless Routing Protocol (VLSM, CIDR) Faster convergence times Multiprotocol support: Rapid Convergence and Better handling of routing loops – (DUAL) Efficient Use of Bandwidth Partial, bounded updates : Incremental updates only to the routers that need them. Minimal bandwidth consumption : no more that 50% of link’s bandwidth EIGRP packets. PDM (Protocol Dependent Module) Unequal-cost load balancing External routes (redistributed) are tagged as external routes (EX) Automatic redistribution between IGRP and EIGRP as long as “AS” numbers are the same. Operation of EIGRP RTP, PDM, Neighbor Discovery, DUAL RTP Reliable RTP is used for EIGRP queries, updates and replies ( Unreliable RTP is used for EIGRP Hello’s and Ack’s Neighbor Adjacency Dynamically learn of new routes that join their network Identify routers that become either unreachable or inoperable Rediscover routers that had previously been unreachable Hellos Used by the neighbor discovery and recovery process. Multicast Unreliable delivery T1 and faster : Hello interval 5 seconds , hold time 15 seconds slower than T1: Hello interval 60 seconds , hold time 180 seconds If a neighbor is not heard from for the duration of the hold time (three times hello interval)
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2171078-Nutshell-EIGRP - EIGRP Concepts in a Nutshell EIGRP...

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