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Project Proposal Outline The project proposal must be in the same format, and of the same quality, as a proposal that you, as a practicing engineer, would submit to a prospective client. Please assume that the course instructor is the customer unless you have a specific customer or need in mind. The proposal must include sections 1–8 and 10 below: 1. Letter of transmittal a. State your point b. Explain how you learned of the customer's need c. Explain why your proposal will be superior to others d. Comment on your organization's qualifications e. Express appreciation for consideration; offer to discuss in person 2. Title page 3. Abstract or executive summary 4. Introduction a. Subject and purpose b. Definition of problem c. Immediate background d. Need for solution e. Benefits that will come from solution f. Brief summary of proposed solution(s) g. Overview of proposal 5. Objectives and deliverables a. Objectives: “ I propose to investigate…, to determine…, to design…, etc.” b.
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Project_Proposal_Outline - Project Proposal Outline The...

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