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Late Chinese Empire

Late Chinese Empire - Kimberly Zhang"Late Chinese Empire...

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Kimberly Zhang “Late Chinese Empire” Reading Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) 1. Hong Wu, Han Gaozu a. Hong Wu i. First Ming emperor ii. Reconstruction and economy were vital after 30 years of war iii. Court expenses reduced, surplus money immediately applied to reclamation schemes iv. Built Grand Canal b. Often compared to Han Gaozu as two commoner-emperors who overthrew tyrannical regimes and founded strong dynasties i. Both prepared to use administrative skills of scholars in order to consolidate their authority ii. Gaozu adopted role of Confucian prince, whose benevolent actions would elicit virtue iii. Hong Wu’s personal authority more absolute than any previous Chinese ruler 1. Used purges as excuse to abolish senior appointments 2. Despotism would later endanger Chinese emperor because of children or weak emperors on the throne 2. Zheng He a. Grand eunuch under Yong Le b. Explored South-East Asia and Indian Ocean through seven major expeditions i. China became more recognized internationally ii. Purpose was to restore state trading 1. Import of luxury items depleted supply of silver 2. Specified that commodities used to pay for foreign imports would be silk, brocades, porcelain iii.
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