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Feudal Japan - Kimberly Zhang Feudal Japan Reading The...

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Kimberly Zhang Feudal Japan Reading The Ashikaga Period (1338-1568) 1. Mongol invasions led to breakdown of feudal order under Kamakura shogunate a. 14 th and 15h centuries experience little effective government because no shogun was sufficiently strong to impose his will on distant provinces b. In Kyoto the Ashikaga, the new shoguns, presided over a luxurious court noted for its achievements in literature and the arts but the capital was often the scene of destruction by fire and sword c. Worst violence occurred in 1441 i. Peasants vented fury on introduction of new taxes ii. Raids on outskirts developed into assault on city center (where pawnbrokers and moneylenders had their premises) iii. Only debt-cancelling edict dispersed rebels d. Another rebellion in 1457 i. Battle between samurai hired by moneylenders and armed peasants ii. Temporary organization through local lards and whoever else made it easy for peasants to join together e. Maintenance of coastal defenses, gifts bestowed on temples as thank-offering for the storm that sank the Mongol fleet, rewards for service demanded by samurai placed intolerable strain on coffers f. Kamakura edicts cancelled debts of retainers but effects did not last since moneylenders only raised interest rates on new loans 2. Emperor Go-Daigo, Kusunoki Masashige, defied Kamakura and then Ashikaga shoguns a. Persuaded some nobles to throw off vassalage (couldn’t respect for Hojo, who devoted energy to dog-fighting, dancing, and women) b. Plans betrayed in 1331 c. Troops arrived from Kamakura, Go-Daigo escaped siege but was captured and sent to exile d. Samurai still preferred to continue in active opposition, chief among them Masashige i. Daring rebellion against Kamakura and constant support for Go-Daigo converted Masashige into archetypal loyalist e. Ashikaga Takauji, supposed ally of Go-Daigo, moved towards establishment of next shogunate f. Go-Daigo sided with Ashikaga’s rivals; Masashige killed during battle
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g. Ashikaga set up new emperor and was named shogun in 1338
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Feudal Japan - Kimberly Zhang Feudal Japan Reading The...

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