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Imperial Japan

Imperial Japan - Kimberly Zhang Imperial JapanReading...

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Kimberly Zhang Imperial Japan Reading Opening to the West 1. Britain and France taking different sides to establish new political order after resignation of last Tokugawa shogun a. British minister was convinced of need for resolution of emperor-shogun relationship before Japan could attain stable government i. Cultivated daimyo as possible future power holders under imperial rule ii. Suggested they should be members of a council of great lords b. France saw failure of council-idea as opportunity to gain influence by backing the former shogun, whose supports in Edo were pressing for military action against rebellious nobles from Chosu and Satsuma i. However, they already recovered from earlier attacks by shogunal forces and attacked Kyoto in 1868 2. January 1868, “restoration of imperial rule” a. After seizing Kyoto, ireegular imperial edict obtained from friendly elemenets at court justified the coup in terms of restoration of imperial rule b. Boy emperor Meiji was persuaded to proclaim the event as such and ‘imperial forces’ of Choshu and Satsuma put all opposition to flight
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3. “Paradoxical forces” that combined to make modern nation-state in Japan a. Anti-foreign stance of Choshu and Satsuma combined with conservative imperial house to produce a government dedicated to fullest extension of foreign exchange 4. Western innovations that transformed Meiji era society
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Imperial Japan - Kimberly Zhang Imperial JapanReading...

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