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Republic of China

Republic of China - Kimberly Zhang Republic of China...

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Kimberly Zhang Republic of China Reading Warlords 1. Sun Yat-sen a. Three stages of government: struggle against late empire, educative rule, democratic government b. Had to establish civil society where people feel they have stake in government c. New kind of rebel i. Was overseas Chinese in education and outlook 1. Attended Christian boarding school in Hawaii 2. Convinced him of need for republic ii. Neither a disappointed candidate for the imperial civil service, nor a military commander who had once been a bandit, ie people embedded in the system who were trying to overturn it from within d. President for only a few months 2. Yuan Shikai a. Warlord, forced to go into retirement by Qing emperor; called back in desperation to try to preserve Qing from anti-Manchu rebellion in 1911 in Wuhan b. By November, rebellion reached Nanjing and Shanghai, so Qing dynasty was terrified c. Yuan fought for Manchus, but began negotiations also i. If he became second president of republic, then he’d guarantee peaceful transfer of republic ii. Republicans feared that China would suffer partition without the support of the general iii. Part of agreement also regarded Puyi staying in Forbidden City d. Made effort to marginalize Sun, though emperor for only 2-3 months 3. Restoration of Puyi (12 days) a. Beijing regime continued to function as legitimate government during warlord period for reason that European powers with financial interests at stake refused diplomatic recognition of any other b. Their loans were recovered by customs duties which they collected in its name c. Northern general Zhang Shun attempted to assume power in capital by restoring Puyi i. By restoring Puyi, Zhang Shun could become acknowledged leader of all of China 4. Effects of WWI
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a. China was not rewarded for allying with Britain during WWI i. German concessions went to Japan ii. Battalions stationed in Germany paid for by borrowing from Japan
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Republic of China - Kimberly Zhang Republic of China...

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