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Postwar Japan - Kimberly Zhang Postwar Japan Reading...

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Kimberly Zhang Postwar Japan Reading American Occupation (1945-1952) 1. MacArthur allowed Hirohito to remain on throne a. Staff dedicated to remaking Japan in America’s image b. In return for Hirohito’s renunciation of his own divinity, the emperor remained on the throne c. Except for emperor, institutions held responsible for Japanese militarism removed d. Imperial constitution was an entirely new one based on different principles i. Transferred sovereignty from throne to people 2. MacArthur’s opinion of zaibatsu a. Placed severe limits on operations of zaibatsu, which he regarded as warmongers b. Had been partners of Imperial Japanese Army in colonizing Korea, Manchuria, other parts of China c. Continuation of practice of forcing employees to swear loyalty oaths to these companies looked upon as dangerous feudal relic d. Attempts made to dismember zaibatsu thwarted by conservative politicians in US who agreed with Yoshida Shigeru that this program was likely to slow down Japan’s economic recovery 3. MacArthur forced to ban general strike in January 1947 a. Brought 5 million workers on streets
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Postwar Japan - Kimberly Zhang Postwar Japan Reading...

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