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billboarddoganalysis - The word what and you are spelled...

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Allyssa Fong Inst. Carroll Beauvais WRT 105, Section M042 2 September 2009 Writing Analytically exercise 1.1 The billboard depicting a dog is in regards to the New York SPCA. The dog is not a happy dog wagging its tail, rather a sad, droopy eyed, dog that I infer is in much need of food and a place to live. The text on the billboard is interesting in itself. The font is not loopy which can be related to cheerful and bliss, the font is typewriter style with hard lines. The section of the text that states, “ain’t got enough food”, can be interpreted, as there are so many animals at the shelter that the amount of food available is not sufficient. This is looking for a family to nourish and love him as their own, rather than one of many animals under one roof. The grammar of the text is not correct.
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Unformatted text preview: The word, what and you are spelled incorrect, and the ain’t is not proper English. From this a bystander could gather that the speaker, in this case the dog, is of the lower class, and not properly educated, if even. The red heart with the paw in the middle may represent the love for animals and their well-being humans have possibly making the reader guilty that there are animals in the world who are starving. The red color font is attention grabbing causing the reader to focus in on the well-respected agency. “Please donate”, may be in bold to emphasize the message that is addressed. Overall this billboard appears to have accomplished its goal in having people donate food to the SPCA with its captivating image, the usage of words, fonts, and color....
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