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SOP 2-CS - SOP 3 My interest in computer science began when...

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SOP 3 My interest in computer science began when I saw my brother working on his computer. He always used to say you are too small to use it, when I was a child. He did his MS in the University of Maryland. When I hot my first computer (386 DX), I was in love. Then, I knew what I was going to be software professional. I could sit on the computer easily for hours and hours, without feeling bored. I was always ahead of the class in computer science in the XI & XII standards. I was the first in computer science in the whole school. I studied for 12 years in the Indian Embassy School, Saudi Arabia. They used to call me the guru of Pascal. I always was the first to finish my assignments. I also was the class first in mathematics. Then when I entered Coimbatore Institute of Technology, which is the 5 th most prestigious college in my state, I had a problem adapting to the college as I was used to studying in the American system of learning. Then, a change occurred in me, when I met a professor named Mrs. Mohana, in the V semester.
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