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SOP I have completed higher secondary education from Vidyakunj Higher Secondary School, Baroda. During Aug ’97 till Aug ’99, I undertook studies in APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTS qualifying me as an APPLICATION DEVELOPER from IBM-ACE (Authorized Center for education) at Baroda, (Gujarat), India. Computer education has been a part of my curriculum since secondary school. Numerical & Mathematics have been the subjects of my choice and fascination. All these contributed to my decision to plan computer education as the means to build my future. The academic curriculum at IBM-ACE provided me with the fundamental clarity in computer languages such as C, C++, VC++ & JAVA. The various modules covered gave me a god exposure in the areas of The simultaneous practical training was undertaken at the computer laboratory of a pharmaceutical
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Unformatted text preview: organization namely ASTRAL PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES, Baroda. During the practical training I had the opportunity to assist software engineers and systems analysts in designing integrated software specific to pharma industry. The software developed was a part of re-engineering exercise the unit was undergoing. This software is integrating inventory, manufacturing, distribution & marketing of a large number of products being handled by the company. I have been a sportsman on the field and off the field. On the field I have participated and successfully lead teams in the games of FOOTBALL & VOLLEYBALL in my school at inter school, inter district levels. I am looking forward to reinforce and continuously upgrade my fundamentals in computer science by persuading further studies at under-graduate level with your esteemed university....
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