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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My undergraduate studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore has exposed me to a stimulating academic environment where learning and research go hand-in- hand. Through the many opportunities I have had here, I have found that I have a deep interest in research work and a strong aptitude for the type of problem solving and problem discovery that it involves. I have, therefore decided to pursue active research in Mechanical Engineering as a career. Of the many fields in the Mechanical Engineering spectrum, I am especially interested in Design,Robotics.My junior seminar work,my practical training and my courses have given me plenty of exposure to these areas and I feel that I have sufficient motivation and aptitude to work in this field. I have good academics at every step in my education. I stood 65th among 180,000 students in the state examination. I have consistantly done well throughout my undergraduate studies and a secured a
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