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\documentstyle[11pt,a4wide]{letter} \pagestyle{empty} \begin{document} \begin{center} {\huge {\bf Statement of purpose} } \end{center} % \vspace{1cm} % {\Large {\bf My goals}}\\ I am applying to the PhD program in Computer Science at Brown University. After considering my aptitude and the type of work that I enjoy most, I am convinced that I want to take up a career in research in Computer Science. A PhD is just one step towards realising this goal. \ \\ {\Large {\bf My preparation for the same}}\\ My formal introduction to Computer Science began at IIT-Bombay. Under its excellent faculty, I got exposed to the entire spectrum of Computer Science. In an environment that is intensely competitive, and where research goes hand-in-hand with learning, I also got a lot of drill in both theoretical research work and implementation, thus laying a sound foundation for graduate study. My academic and co-curriculur record has been consistently good. Throughout school as well as now, I have been at or near the top of my class. I have listed some of my achievements, on the attached resum\'{e}. What I would like to stress most however is the fact that I have been {\em consistent} in {\em all} academic or co-curriculur (and even extracurriculur) tasks that I have undertaken. \ \\ {\Large {\bf My primary interests}}\\
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sumedh - \documentstyle[11pt,a4wide]cfw_letter...

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