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\documentstyle[11pt,a4]{article} \begin{document} \begin{center} {\large \bf Personal Statement} \end{center} \ My early fascination for computers (since high school), combined with a strong liking for analytical subjects inspired me to seek admission to one of the best and most competitive Computer Science undergraduate programs in India --- the B.Tech program in IIT Bombay. I was succesful in this endeavour, being ranked 113th among around 100,000 students in the entrance exams to the IITs. In IIT, a very strong curriculum, introduced me to a wide range of subjects in Computer Science, with a strong emphasis on theoretical fundamentals. I have always believed that a subject is understood better when one actually sees an abstract theory being realized by a practical system. The various demanding laboratory courses and projects in the B.Tech program at IIT, have provided me with a better understanding of Computer Science. This belief has led to my growing interest in computer systems, and I have consistently performed well in my laboratory courses. I have also, as part of a campus wide systems support group, been involved in compiling and installing various software and systems. \ Given these practical interests, my theoretical background, my
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sundu - \documentstyle[11pt,a4]cfw_article...

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