The Statement of Purpose A GUIDE

The Statement of Purpose A GUIDE - The Statement of...

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The Statement of Purpose/Intent/Reasons for Graduate Study You have various reasons for wanting to apply to graduate school. The programs to which you are applying want to know what those reasons are. So they ask you to write a statement, variously known as a Statement of Purpose, Statement of Intent, Statement of Reasons for Graduate Study, etc. The statement also serves other purposes. It is an example of your ability to express yourself clearly in writing. It helps the program faculty to determine whether or not your goals and interests fit with theirs. And it can be expanded to include additional information which can affect your admissibility. The statement is usually the only opportunity you as an applicant have to present yourself as a person distinct from your gradepoint average or test scores. What Information Should I Include? The instructions which come with the application form should be your first guide as to what to include in your statement. The instructions should give you a good idea as to what information the program needs from you: your area of interest in the field (both what it is and why you are interested in studying it), your background preparation (education, training, work experience), and other relevant information. Often applicants are asked to list notable academic or work accomplishments that relate to the field of study. You may also be asked to indicate possible thesis or dissertation topics or to indicate the
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The Statement of Purpose A GUIDE - The Statement of...

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