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\documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{a4wide} \begin{document} \begin{center} {\bf \LARGE Statement of Purpose} \\ \end{center} My interest in Computer Science stemmed from programming in High School, during which period I read introductory books on Algorithms by Dromey and Wirth. It was this informal literary venture that introduced me for the first time to {\em doing things as efficiently as possible}. I found this an intellectually stimulating exercise and resolved to pursue a career in Computer Science. \\ Abstract Mathematics has always fascinated me. The course work during my B.Tech. program has given me exposure to a wide range of advanced mathematical techniques and also provided an insight into Theoretical Computer Science. In particular, the concepts I acquired in Graph Theory and Complexity theory, during the courses in {\bf Discrete Structures}, {\bf Data Structures and Algorithms}, and {\bf Theory of Computation}, have interested me immensely. My B.Tech. Seminar included a literature survey on {\bf Parallel and Randomized Algorithms} and my B.Tech. Project is in the area of {\bf Graph--Drawing Algorithms}. These have given me a chance to do research in the form of proving lower
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