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PAM 2040 Exam #2 Preview Exam #2 is on Tuesday, March 31 in class. You will need a calculator for exam #2. You can’t use your cell phone. Make sure you follow our instructions regarding rounding on the exam. Exam #2 will cover the following handouts: Chapter 18- Taxation in the US Marriage Tax Chapter 19- Tax Burden Payroll Tax Insurance Mandated Benefits Chapter 20- Tax Inefficiencies Exam #2 will also cover the material from PS #5 and PS #6. Approximately 55% of Exam #2 will consist of problems and list questions. Approximately 45% of Exam #2 will consist of multiple choice questions.
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Unformatted text preview: two problems that I will definitely ask: mandated benefit diagram (x>b) or mandated benefit diagram (x<b) tax consumers- show CS, PS, TS… or tax producers- show CS, PS, TS… lists to know-see Exam #2 Lists handout multiple choice questions The only type of mc question I won’t ask would be a question where I ask you for actual exact dollar amounts from the US tax code in recent years. For example, I wouldn’t ask you what the standard deduction for a married couple was in 2006 ($10,300)....
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