Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Metabolism-the sum of the total...

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Chapter 6 Metabolism -the sum of the total chemical reactions in the body. Energy Transformation -occur as you are building things and as you are breaking them down. Enzymes -allow us to be efficient on having energy transformations. Energy Types: Kinetic : energy in action, energy doing work to altar the state of matter. Potential : stored energy (Ex. Battery) Laws of Thermodynamics: First- During the conversions of energy, the initial energy will equal the final energy. Second- When energy is transformed some energy is unavailable to do work. *Disorder tends to increase(never 100% efficiently used) 2 Types of Metabolic Reactions: Anabolic -make a single product from very small units. (requires energy) ex. Amino acid protein (abc’s word) Catabolic -reduce an organized substance into smaller units. Release energy (breaking bonds). ex. Protein amino acids Entropy: total energy in a system. In a system you will have changes in energy every time you have a chemical reaction. Equation: ΔG=ΔH-TΔS ΔG(+): requires energy anabolic ΔG(-): releases energy catabolic C-C(bonds have stored energy) ΔS(+): Entropy, increasing the disorder. ΔS(-):
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Metabolism-the sum of the total...

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