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Slide 4 - 50 is the new 30 Although we have heard time and time again that 30 minutes of exercise is enough in actuality it really isn’t 30 minutes is really the bare minimum or was the minimum and now 50 minutes is considered the minimum to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and keep it off If you are trying to lose weight by working out 30 minutes a day it is a good way to stay healthy but you will most likely gain back the weight you lose if you only stick to 30 minutes/day new guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine recommend at least 250 minutes of exercise a week - or 50 minutes a day five times a week - for “significant” weight loss and maintenance. Exercise even without weight loss leads to better health 30 minutes of exercise is definitely a good start to maintain your health and wellness but for weight-loss results, make it 250 minutes With more exercise comes more benefits for the lungs and heart also known as the pulmonary and cardiovascular system
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