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VARK Learning Preferences Assignment Your scores were: Visual: 4 Aural: 6 Read/Write: 8 Kinesthetic: 7 a. My strongest learning preference were reading/writing with a scored of 8 b. I agree with this because I like to read information and facts about something before I do or try something. c. The reasons I agree with this are because I take in information the best from such things as handouts, notes, and other documents that help me to understand specific concepts. This is especially true in class because I can’t just remember what I hear, I have to write notes and save them for later in order for me to take in as much information as possible d. The types of strategies that are recommended for me in the reading/writing
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Unformatted text preview: category are such things as lists, headings, handouts, textbooks, and notes. e. I have definitely tried/used these strategies before because this is obviously the best way I learn. This has proven true in many things such as tests, exams, and presentations. f. I think this information will be helpful because I was provided with four different scores, each describing something very different from the previous one. All four learning preferences offer up various strategies and through each one I feel as if I will be able to combine many to become very focused and goal oriented in the long run....
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