9_307_Promotion - USC M ar keting 307 #9 Pr omotion 2006...

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Unformatted text preview: USC M ar keting 307 #9 Pr omotion 2006 Ira S. Kalb. All rights reserved. 1 1. Definition . Communicating the benefits of the complete product to (your target audience) to produce a buying action. 2. Main Promotion Categories . There are numerous types of promotion. 2-1. Personal Selling. Face-to-face, one-on-one (or a few) promotion. 2-2. Advertising. Impersonal communications that is typically paid (Print, Broadcast, Outdoor, Online). 2-3. Direct. Communications without face-to-face contact (Direct mail, Telemarketing, Direct-response Advertising, and Internet). 2-4. Sales promotion. Incentives to buy or sell quicker (Sales, Rebates, Discounts, Coupons average US redemption rate = 2.5%). 2-5. One-on-many face-to-face. Trade shows, Seminars, Speeches. 2-6. Publicity and Public Relations. Press releases, written articles, stunts, awards, testimonials, video clips and podcasts, blogs, etc. 2-7. Product Placement. Getting your product in a TV show, movie, video, game so that it makes a positive impression by association. 2-8. Word-of-mouth. Arming your sales army with information they can pass on to their colleagues/friends to spread the positive word. 2-9. Visitors and callers. Making a positive impression on visitors or callers to your store, office, Web site. 2-10. Free samples. Free samples to your target audience. 2-11. Company/product ID vehicles. Stationery, business cards, packaging, ... that carry your name, logo, slogan, color, font, 2-12. Specialty advertising. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens, and other giveaways (or you can sell them too) to promote your products. Promotion can include any type of communication that is directed at your publics. Packaging has a product function (protect the insides) as well as a promotion function (communicate benefits and sell). USC M ar keting 307 #9 Pr omotion 2006 Ira S. Kalb. All rights reserved. 2 3. Promotion Stages AIDA Model. 3-1. Attention You have to get their attention. 3-2. Interest Get them interested. 3-3. Decision Get them to decide to take the next step. 3-4. Action Get them to take a buying action (could be multi-step). 4. Promotion Components & Important Issues. 4-1. Content Creating better content. Not junk, spam, or ignored. 4-2. Media Placing the content in the right media to reach the target. 4-3. Moving Buying Window Coverage Timing, Frequency and Reach to get them to remember and hit their buying window when active. 4-4. Cost Effectiveness CPM (cost to reach 1,000 prospects), cost per eyeball, click, lead and order or sale. 5. Tools and Guidelines for Creating Better Content. 5-1. Good use of the 7BBs Properly use the building blocks....
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9_307_Promotion - USC M ar keting 307 #9 Pr omotion 2006...

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