Fanon Black Skin White Masks ch 5

Fanon Black Skin White Masks ch 5 - Frantz Fanon Other...

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Other works by Frantz Fanon A Dying Colonialism Toward theAfricanRevolution The Wretched ofthe Earth Frantz Fanon ••••••••••••••••••••• BLACK SKIN, WHITE MASKS Translatedfrom the French by Charles Lam Markmann "'Ill"" •• Grove Press New York
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Chapter Five THE FACT OF BLACKNESS "Dirty nigger!" Or simply, "Look, a Negrol" T came into the world imbued with the will to find a meaningin things, my spirit filledwith the desire to attain to the source of the world, and then I found that I was an object-in the midsLofother objects. Sealed into that crushing objecthood, I turned be- 'seechingly to others. Their attention was a liberation, run- "'ning over my body suddenly abraded into nonbeing, endowingme once more with an agility that I had thought (lost, and by taking me out of the world, restoring me to it. But just as I reached the other side, I stumbled, and the 'movements, the attitudes, the glances of the other fixed me there, in the sensein which a chemicalsolutionis fixed by a dye. I was indignant; I 'demanded an explanation. Nothing happened. I burst apart. NQ}Y the fragments have been put together again by another self. "its long as the black man is among his own, he will have no occasion, except in minor internal conflicts, to experiencehis being through others. There is of coursethe moment of "being for others," of which Hegel speaks, b~ ontology is made unattainable jn ~ colonized an civilized society. It would seem that this fact has Db! Deen given sufficient attention by those who have discussed the question. In the Weltanschauung of a colo- 109 108 / Black Skin, White Masks of that world is combined with an urge to domimite{' urge which is infantile in origin and which socialadaptatf' has failed to discipline. The'reason the colonial him$ gives for his flight-whether he says it was the,desirt}; 0 travel, or the desire to escape from the cradle or from,'. "ancient parapets," or whether he says that he simp, wanted a freer life-is of no consequence.,. . . It is alwa a question of compromising with the desire for a world with out men. 86 , If one adds that many Europeans go to the colont because it is possiblefor them to grow rich quickly the at with rare exceptions the colonial is a merch~n) r rather a trafficker, one will have as cho gyof the man who arousesin the autochthonous 0 u1~, .on <; e feeling of in en . ;" r the Malagas "deJ?endency complex," li'£1e"ast in the only form in which, we can reach it and analyze it, too proceeds from the,: arrival of white colonizers on the island. From its other form, from this original complex in its pure statefhsf supposedlycharacterized the Malagasymentality through- out the whole precolonial period, it appears to me that ~annoni laCks-the slightest basis on which t~d" any-eeaelusfon applicable ~ituation,the Rrob~, -.
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Fanon Black Skin White Masks ch 5 - Frantz Fanon Other...

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