Week 16 Handout #2

Week 16 Handout #2 - We Are All Works In Progress By:...

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We Are All Works In Progress By: Leslie Feinberg “The sight of pink-blue gender-coded infant outfits may grate on your nerves. Or you may be a woman or a man who feels at home in those categories. Trans liberation defends you both.” (548) “Each person should have the right to choose between pink or blue tinted gender categories, as well as all the other hues of the palette. At this moment in time, that right is denied to us. But together, we could make it a reality…” (548) “I am a person who faces almost insurmountable difficulty when instructed to check off an “F” or an “M” box on identification papers…I simply do not fit the prevalent Western concepts of what a woman or man ‘should’ look like.” (548) “From December 1995 to December 1996, I was dying of endocarditis…A simple blood culture would have immediately exposed the root cause of my raging fevers…Yet I experiences such hatred from some health practitioners that I very nearly died…When he [doctor] determined that my anatomy was female, he flashed me a mean-spirited smirk.” (548) “After his pointed demonstration of ‘normal sexuality’, he told me to get dressed…ordered me to leave the hospital and never return. I refused. I told him I wouldn’t leave until he could tell me why my fever was so high. He said, ‘You have a fever because you are a very troubled person.’” (549) “This doctor’s prejudices, directed at me during a moment of catastrophic illness, could have killed. The death certificate would have read: Endocarditis. By all rights it should have read: Bigotry.” (549) “Bigotry exacts its toll in flesh and blood. And left unchecked and unchallenged, prejudices create a
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Week 16 Handout #2 - We Are All Works In Progress By:...

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