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assignment 1 - SWMS 210 Halberstam Spring 2009 Freudian...

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SWMS 210 Halberstam Spring 2009 Freudian Themes in Family Guy Years ago, many human beings did not understand how the human mind worked and they did not understand why people act the way they do. This was before Sigmund Freud came along, who eventually discovered that many of our actions are triggered by early traumas to the psyche. Although Freud’s theories date back almost one hundred years, the theories are still very relevant today; especially in popular culture. One of Freud’s topics discussed in the book entitled Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality is known as the Oedipus complex, a common theme that exists in many forms of media today including TV shows, movies, as well as advertisements and novels. Ultimately Freud’s theories have had a lasting impact on society and because of this they are clearly evident in popular culture, even making there way into the very crude, animated show known as Family Guy . Family Guy is an outrageous animated television show that revolves around endless pop culture jokes and parodies. One particular episode, “Brian in Love” focuses on the family dog, Brian and the encapsulating love he has for his “mother,” Lois. Now even though Brian is a dog, he is a walking, talking, eating main character on the show,
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assignment 1 - SWMS 210 Halberstam Spring 2009 Freudian...

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