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“HIP HOP FEMINIST” JOAN MORGAN - how women have always been oppressed and in this hip hop culture, men exploit women sexually in their music - women have less access to power and have used sex as a bartering ship to gain access to this culture - some women like being turned on by men who are chauvinistic - gives off wrong image, need to make it aware that women are violated verbally in the lyrics and physically in the events (music videos) “GANGSTA RAP AS CULTURAL COMMODITY” ERIK WATTS - how the rappers are selling the lives or made up lives and the whole culture that they grew up in - some rappers grew up middle class and they are selling a representation of what people want to see an “overdose of commercialized reality” - expensive items worn for show, women = trophies - being feared is a mode of self-preservation “WHAT THE HELL IS A BLACK MALE FEMINIST” MARK ANTHONY NEAL - grew up with female role models; mother, teachers, etc. and he noticed the struggles and difficult emotions they experience. Strongly influenced by female authors the color purple black guys thought it depicted them against the strong black males that they believe they are - all the black guys who didn’t like his idea about him being a feminist thought it took away from their power - wants to close the gaps between the roles and importance of males and females in black society - the black feminist movement represents a threat to the strong black man image “UNBEARABLE WEIGHT” SUSAN BORDO CLASS: - eating disorders aren’t just for girls anymore - the eating disorders are a “fascination” in her viewpoint - she is interested in the everyday experience of the eating disorders rather than the most extreme cases - she says that you can’t cure one person at a time, but must change society - bordo argues the problem lies in the feministic production of narratives of female perfect body - woman changes body almost to elimination - eating disorders among women who want a certain image produces the eating disorder = culture of impossibility - Bordo theory: (how much anorexic mindset is between mom and daughter) o Mother is blamed a lot for passing it to the daughter o Freud: girl is supposed to become like mom, but many are disastsifed with
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mothers lives and “rebel” Girls stop eating to avoid onset of womanhood because they do not like the life their mothers live. Wants to be anorexic to not be a woman = super skinny, not womanly, no boys SUMMARY: - rejection of traditional domestic roles that women are supposed to play o instead of the curvy, feminine large breasted women, it is instead clinging to the peter pan look - anorexia is simply a function in conjunction with the cultural conditions that produced it - rebelling towards society - there are 3 axes of the problem: o dualist axis – body/mind split o the control axis – control over hunger, body, her failure at meeting social standards “ the control of the unruly body” o gender/power axis – a way of expressing cultural ambivalence about
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