Paper 3 - SWMS 210 Paper 3 Masculinity in Thelma and...

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SWMS 210 Paper 3 Masculinity in Thelma and Louise (option number 4) In today’s society, we rarely see women talked about as criminals. Since the beginning of time, women were looked down upon by men as the gentle, less skillful, weaker form of the male body. Ridley Scott’s portrayal of two women in his film Thelma and Louise dramatically shifts our view of women and makes us look at gender as a whole in an entirely different way. A “girls only” weekend trip to the mountains soon takes a different path which would drastically transform the way the two main characters, Thelma and Louise look at men and everything they embody. Like many of the readings we have done in class about masculinity from Michael Kimmel’s Masculinity as Homophobia to George Mosse’s The Image of Man they both talk about how men are strong, powerful individuals, who like to remain in control and have power over not just women but sometimes even other men as well. In Thelma and Louise , the two main characters Thelma and Louise are very different women. Thelma is a very calm and passive woman who has an unbelievably controlling husband, Daryl. Thelma says that Daryl is the only man she has ever dated, married at eighteen and has been dominated by her husband ever since. Louise on the other hand is the complete opposite of Thelma. She is a very strong and somewhat controlling woman who is definitely in charge of the way she lives her life. Throughout the film we see that these women become stronger not only through the actions that they take but also from being around each other for such a long amount of time. As we soon find out though, both women, especially Thelma begin to gradually step out of their “safe-zone” and escape to 1
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the real world, ultimately realizing their full potential and in many ways becoming the epitome of the male criminal. Today we live in a world of violence. Everywhere we turn we see images of
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Paper 3 - SWMS 210 Paper 3 Masculinity in Thelma and...

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