Blood Revenge Ch. 1-3

Blood Revenge Ch. 1-3 - have been in Upper Moraca since...

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11am Discussion Blood Revenge Chapter 1 Montenegrins are among the few tribal people surviving in Europe today I would expect that there was no electricity, running water or plumbing, just like the other people we have studied, but it is amazing how they have a general store, post office, administrative office and a school. Already in the first few pages it seems as if even though the Montenegrins are an isolated tribe, they seem much more modern than the Bush people or Yanomamo for example. Killing for revenge is very prominent among the Montenegrins Chapter 2 Verbal dueling in Montenegrin culture is a very delicate art and Boehem played the joking game very hard and luckily came out of it okay. I had no idea that Montenegrin tribesmen have to live under the modern legal system of Yugoslavia when it comes to paying taxes and serious crimes. I had always thought that many tribes did whatever they wanted. Unbelievable how Boehem was told that he was the third foreigner in 1963 to
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Unformatted text preview: have been in Upper Moraca since World War II had ended. • Boehem lived in the largest settlement, 100 houses and 500 people, only one part of this tribe. • From the pictures, the stone Montenegrin houses look unbelievably modern Chapter 3 • Montenegro became known far and wide as a hospitable refuge area. • Montenegrins are quite mobile o They have to move their herds around and divide up their time between agricultural work and pastoral pursuits up on the mountain • What are the Montenegrins like today vs 50 years ago? • It seems as if the Montenegrins are very modern, but they live in their own sort of “world” far away from the common man. • Even though they are under the laws represented by the Yugoslavian government, how are these rules enforced in the tribes? Are their police around • How modern are the Montenegrins? Do they have modern weapons and tools? Do they have jobs?...
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