Field Work assignment #2

Field Work assignment #2 - 11am Discussion Visual...

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11am Discussion Visual Aesthetics of Interpersonal Attractiveness For this fieldwork assignment I set out to examine the force of physical attraction and to study the similarities and differences regarding the opinion of the perfect girl. My subjects were fraternity brothers and I wanted to see how closely related their opinion on girls really was. In addition because of the diverse personality, interests, and behaviors of the brothers in the house, I wanted to see if this was the one thing that resided in a fraternity which allows every member to be one in the same. My hypothesis was that all fraternity brothers liked the typical “California blonde girl,” a girl who is blonde, slender, fit, and tan. I chose to investigate this hypothesis because of the fact that a fair amount of the girls that go to USC are from California and definitely fit into this “California girl” category, and I would like to know if this is true for fraternity brothers. All together I conducted three different interviews with members of my fraternity who are not from California. The reason I selected fraternity brothers was because I know many of them very well and thought I would be able to predict what they would find attractive in girls. Another reason for selecting this demographic to interview was because girls come by the house everyday, whether it be a friendly and casual visit or to come to a party, I get to see what type of girls hang out in the house constantly. The other
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Field Work assignment #2 - 11am Discussion Visual...

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