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11am Discussion Alcohol’s effect on the creation of violence between USC males This proposal is about the increased violence that often occurs between young males, especially those of college age. I feel as if I will have numerous people to interview as well as viewing it first hand Thursday nights on the Row. Pledging a fraternity myself, I would be able to see what happens between brothers in the house vs guys who do not live at the house. Every fraternity does not like to have a lot of non- brothers at their house so when alcohol is put into the picture, a simple “sorry we’re full” might not do, a small argument may erupt into something much more. There are an abundance of articles on the internet about the violence mixed with alcohol phenomenon as well. This is clearly a hot topic and I think it would be great to analyze this for myself
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Unformatted text preview: and even get up close and personal with some guys asking them what they think about it. Also it would be interesting to see whether or not some of these guys are naturally violent or aggressive or only become this way while intoxicated. Maybe some of the results I will find will be different than what some people might think, maybe USC students are not as violent when drunk as other universities. As far as my subjects go, I am going to interview a majority of fraternity brothers because they have parties every week and there is always alcohol. I will also interview male friends and guys who live on my floor. I think that finding the subjects will not be too difficult; the difficult thing will be gathering enough accurate information...
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